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Tre Sheppard
After 12 years as the frontman of the critically acclaimed rock n roll band “onehundredhours,” Tre Sheppard now works as a producer, songwriter, and mix engineer from his private studio, zero:hour, based on the north coast of Northern Ireland.  Songs he has produced and co-written have been heard on radio stations around the world, including BBC Radio 1, NRK P3, and across America.  His projects have included Norwegian band “John Snow” whose single “Brighter Days,” co written and produced by Tre, had 40 million listens on US radio in one week.  As the Vice President, A&R and Artist Development, of Fersk Management, Tre has a proven record in identifying and developing new artists and works closely with record labels, song supervisors and agents in LA and across the globe.  He is signed to EMI/CMG publishing, was nominated for a Dove Award in 2011, and is well known in the UK and beyond for his unique blend of “faith, hope and rock n roll.”
Paul Atkins
Paul is an engineer, producer, composer and musician who these days spends a large portion of his working life mixing FOH sound either on tour or in-house at London venues – including the legendary 100 Club.

His studio credits include Lucky Soul, The Hope Rebellion and Nick Evans and he tours with Various Cruelties, Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed & ZZ Ward mixing FOH. He’s also performed on stages around the world and on many recording sessions over the last 20 something years.


Craig Clifford
Craig Clifford of Stephenville, Texas, is a prolific songwriter who performs regularly with the Accidental Band and occasionally as a solo singer-songwriter.  He has recorded two albums with the Accidental Band and, most recently, a solo acoustic album.  Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, he grew up outside of Houston, then honed his musical skills playing in the coffeehouses in Austin, Texas, in the late sixties and early seventies.  His song writing reflects both his Louisiana heritage and Texas upbringing, as well as his musical roots in traditional folk music, early Bob Dylan, and the Texas singer-songwriter tradition.  Clifford has published six books, three as author, two as co-author, and one as co-editor.  His essays, guest columns, and reviews have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines.  Currently, he is working on Pickers and Poets, a collection of essays about what he refers to as the “ruthlessly poetic” singer-songwriters ofTexas, which he is co-editing with Craig Hillis of Austin, Texas.

Clifford is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Honors Programs at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas.


Matthew Sigmon
Matthew Sigmon is an Atlanta area based artist whose creative range includes songwriting and recording in a variety of genres as well as graphic artwork and writing.  He began making music with his wife, Julie B. Anderson, as high school sweethearts and first appeared on MTV in 1985 as part of the Illinois based rock band, The Basics, with their video Kids In The Street.  Sigmon and Anderson went on to form the band Rain People, signing with Epic/CBS and released a self-titled debut album in 1989.  Rain People received critical acclaim with the single and video Little Bit Of Time, and the album was selected as one of CD Review’s “Editor’s Choice – Year’s 25 Best” gaining international attention.

In 1990, Sigmon’s interest in ambient composition inspired the highly regarded 30-minute instrumental “Sleeping Through The Rain”, followed by additional titles in subsequent years.  In the early 90’s, studio work and performances with guitarist Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow, Don Henley) and drummer Sean O’Rourke (Sugarland) resulted in the album Touvaroon, with Sigmon’s first solo CD, One Opens Up,  being released in 2006.  In recent years, additional work as a broadcast technician (Olympics, NBA, NFL, MLB, FIBA) has allowed him to travel around the world.

With a growing focus toward exploring consciousness and awareness and challenging the limitations of conventional creative boundaries, Sigmon’s artistic exploits have become diverse finding expression in drawing, writing, music and video, and covering a spectrum that ranges from comedy to spirituality and philosophy.   Along with Anderson, he currently operates Made-Up-Media, a creative production studio specializing in audio, video and graphics services.

Frank Perri
Frank Perri is a keyboardist and arranger with a range of live performance, recording and arranging credits which reads like a who’s who of ‘been there and done it!’  If we mention that Frank has arranged for and led the Duke Ellington Orchestra, has guest conducted the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, is musical director of ‘Break The Floor Productions’, one of the world’s preeminent dance entertainment companies, AND has appeared in the US TV show “Pan Am” on ABC Television, you can see we’re not exaggerating.  Oh yes we forgot to mention; Frank is an amazing keyboard player!

As a performer and an arranger/orchestrator, Frank has worked with Bette Midler, VH1, the Grammy Awards, Whoopi Goldberg, Montel Williams, Giorgio Armani, Howard Stern, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Adam Pascal, the International Dance Music Awards, the United Nations, the March of Dimes, the MARS corporation, and Kim Sozzi.  He was also the featured Keyboardist for the New York Islanders Hockey Team for the 1999-2000 season and was hit with three hockey pucks during that period.

As a music director he has led shows and bands at Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theater, Nassau Coliseum, Hammerstein Ballroom, the Gibson Amphitheater, the Jackie Gleason theater and Irving Plaza and was interviewed in the February 2008 issue of the American Federation of Musician’s magazine, “International Musician” regarding his work as a music director and arranger.

Frank’s father still asks, “When is he giving up this music garbage and getting a real job?!”


Al Reid
Al Reid is a composer who has been writing TV and advertising music for over 15 years.  In addition to scoring three BAFTA nominated short films, his work has been broadcast on many major networks, including the BBC, National Geographic, PBS, Channel 4, Discovery and Five. Commercial clients have included Procter & Gamble, Subaru, Nestlé, Volkswagen and IWC Watches.  In 2006 he won the VW Scoring Prize at the Berlin Film Festival, the same city in which he now makes his home.  Drumming is what got him into the music business – espresso and cake keep him and his lardy arse in it to this day.  Al’s chosen delusion of grandeur for 2012 is to compete in (and hopefully finish) his first triathlon.


Alex Eden
Despite the misgivings of concerned parents, Alex’s brother bought him an harmonica for Christmas when he was 16.  Having spent his formative years being told he wasn’t musical he threw himself into his new pastime with gusto.

The early days of forcing himself upon local bands and musicians were greeted with varying levels of enthusiasm “you’re out of tune” was a particularly frustrating thing to be told if you have an instrument that can’t be tuned without getting files out…. well he thought “If you can’t beat them join them” and learned the guitar.

Several years of playing in bands of many different genres ensued, his first love of blues music being the place he always returned to.

A stint at Leeds College of Music, to learn guitar making/repair equipped him with the tools to earn a living when not on the road playing and provided an excellent networking opportunity to work with many musicians who have gone on to excel in their field.

The ensuing time was split between playing, guitar teching on tour, repairing stringed instruments and building studios…… he kind of fell into that one…. but what a great thing to fall into.

Building led to getting behind the desk at every opportunity, Attic Studios in Leeds, co-owned with Richard Green from Ultrasound was where he got his hands on some tape machines, learnt the ropes about how run sessions and managing the delicate egos of artistic types.

In 2008 Alex and his partner Amy set up Factory St Studios, a music hub in Bradford, England with a spacious recording studio sporting a large format Calrec desk, tape machines, a selection of quality outboard as well as digital capability with Pro-tools and Cubase.

Over the years Alex has worked with many musicians of note including, Steve Cropper, Otis Grand, Kim Wilson, Ultrasound, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Somatics, The New Mastersounds, White Light Parade, The Whisky Priests, Geek, The Paul Middleton Band, The Heavens, Jasmine Kennedy and many more.

Roz Coleman
Age : 28
Origin : The North (UK)
Current Location : The East (UK)
Day Job : Producer, Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Member of : ‘Death of Death of Discotheque’

‘Death of Death of Discotheque’ are three standard men and one human woman.  They are making the sort of music they want to make and it is propulsive, heartfelt, uncommon, shrill, glorious and angular in aspect. One of them went to art school which means they are disco ponces.  One of them works at a rock school which makes them teachers of men.  Someone once heard them and said they didn’t know whether to dance or throw up, which means they are messy.  They make their own instruments. You can imagine how that turns out.

“Death of death of discotheque are a brilliant mess.”

Their debut album ‘Count My Face’ was released on orange vinyl they foolishly forwent food to pay for.  It looks nice, also loud.  It has only seven songs on it because they do not believe in overstaying their welcome.  They have called one of their songs ‘square! ham! factory!’ which they have represented pictorially on the sleeve but if they are honest it looks a bit like it says square! fish! crown!.  It’s too late now, they’re printed!

Hobbies and Interests : Noise, Toys and Existentialism.


Rob Palladino
Rob Palladino is a drummer, editor and writer.  He’s been playing drums for 30-odd years, has been part of bands that no one has ever heard of but he is really proud of, has recorded, toured and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

He is currently listening to Alison Krauss, Rush and Slipknot, but not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

Rob has lived in many wonderful places.  Most recently in Austin, TX, the self-styled “Live Music Capital of the World” and home to SXSW and the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and the much more relaxing and enjoyable “Austin Kite Fest.”

He is living in a small, pleasant, non descript town in Essex… at least for now.


Michael Chafee
Michael Chafee began singing professionally in folk groups at the age of 15.  Upon graduation from high school, he accepted a Congressional appointment to The United States Naval Academy, and benefited from a multi-disciplined engineering program, but not from Navy life, and after four years, departed active duty to the Naval Reserve for two more years.  After spending a year in inside sales for a large corporation, he decided to follow his dream, and sang in bands for two years, and recorded in RCA studio A in New York.

In 1972, he went to work for GBX electronics, Toronto, Canada as their East Coast representative, selling stage amplification to music stores, and became the youngest manufacturer‘s rep. in the country.  During the following years, he expanded the scope of his business to include Broadcast, Recording, Church sound, and High Fidelity, manufacturers.

Michael has won over 50 Rep. of the Year awards from his manufacturers, continues to design sound systems, and travels the country calibrating and optimizing recording and mastering studios, and hi-end home theater systems.  Michael feels his real forte is the ability to call upon the expertise of his many friends who are the world’s best practitioners of The Craft.


nick_lucas_bio2Nick Lucas
Hi, I’m Nick and I’m a Pro Tools columnist at Audio Times.  I started out producing music when I was 15, and now work under the pseudonym ‘Veranova’.  Having released various records, produced for up and coming artists such as Lewis Mokler, and composed for companies such as Morphsuits; I took an interest in teaching.  So I started Production Bytes, a source of video tutorials and products for music production; now my main business.  Thanks to the success of this I also took an interest in writing and have settled into a columnist role with Audio Times.  Which brings us to now.  Enjoy!

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