Monday, August 26th, 2019

Review the new Rush “Clockwork Angels” album

If you enjoyed reading Rob Palladino’s pre-release review of Clockwork Angels … well now it’s your turn!

Send us your track by track review of the album and we’ll publish it in Audio Times

— The BEST review gets you an offer to join the Audio Times team as an album reviewer —

 If you haven’t read Rob’s great pre-release review yet, read it here

Reader reviews of the album will appear here

Track 1 : Caravan

Track 2 : BU2B

Track 3 : Clockwork Angels

Track 4 : The Anarchist

Track 5 : Carnies

Track 6 : Halo Effect

Track 7 : Seven Cities Of Gold

Track 8 : The Wreckers

Track 9 : Headlong Flight

Track 10 : BU2B2

Track 11 : Wish Them Well

Track 12 : The Garden

And summing up the entire Album






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