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Samplitude Pro X DAW review : Part One
September 10, 2012

After hearing the views of MAGIX’s Vice President Audio, Christian Hellinger, about their approach to DAW design, I was motivated to get into Samplitude Pro X for the first time. As a long time Sonar user, I was interested to see how easy, or not, it would be to work in a different DAW environment, especially as Pro X is a very full featured DAW, offering all functionality from sound generation through to mastering and delivery within a single workstation.

Auria DAW recording system for iPAD
August 11, 2012

WaveMachine Labs latest release ‘Auria’ is a full featured DAW system specifically designed to run on the iPad and offers an incredible 24 tracks of simultaneous recording and 48 tracks at mixdown, with very comprehensive EQ, Dynamics and plug-ins.

Review of the Mackie Master Fader iPAD app
August 1, 2012

While waiting for one of the first Mackie DL1608’s to arrive for review I thought I’d take the opportunity to download the free Master Fader app for the 1608 so I would be well versed in it’s use once the mixer arrived. For those of you who are not fam …

Arturia – Oberheim Synthesizer Software Instrument Review
July 31, 2012

James Mazur reviews the Oberheim SEM, one of the recent analogue synthesisers to be resurrected by Arturia, renowned for their ‘True Analogue Emulation’ technology designed for true replication of analogue circuitry.

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