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Nick Lucas
Tips for Producing
November 9, 2013

Columnist Nick Lucas gives a whole bunch of good advice for getting the best from artists in the recording studio. So if you’re in the middle of a recording session and it’s all going wrong – read on …

Tips for breaking writer’s block
September 2, 2013

We all have days where creativity just isn’t coming to us, and yet in today’s world we usually have to schedule in times to work on our hobbies or dream careers, instead of just working when we feel like it. So what can you do to break through and be creative …

Affixing Acoustic Treatment
August 10, 2013

Nick Lucas reaching into an alternative toolbox for this month’s column. The joys of fixing acoustic treatment in your home studio. Expect plently of hammering and lots of sticky stuff!

Sound Design Tips
June 27, 2013

Our very own Nick Lucas gives a run down on today’s most popular techniques for sound design and synthesis, including six of his own favourite tools.

Clariphonic DSP Review
June 4, 2013

Kush Audio are hardly a ubiquitous name, however their brand of processors are fast becoming well known. The latest in their line of plugins, is ‘Clariphonic DSP’ which is the subject of Nick Lucas’s latest review.

Using the Pro Tools Workspace
March 30, 2013

When working on projects requiring heavy use of samples, we all need a way to find & trial samples before bringing them into our projects. On a Mac you can always fall back on Finder, but on a PC Windows Explorer doesn’t offer the same easy preview functions. In both cases however, Pro Tools’ ‘Workspace’ is here to make your workflow easier.

Using Pro Tools 10’s AudioSuite
March 3, 2013

With modern computers, we’re almost all used to putting processing plugins onto our audio as a mixer insert; without our computer starting to struggle. However some types of processing can’t be pulled off live. This is where Pro Tools’ ‘AudioSuite’ system comes in. AudioSuite allows you to commit a plugins effect directly onto the audio track, as opposed to running the effect live as a mixer insert.

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