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Frank Perri
Is this the way I’m supposed to be?
April 14, 2013

Columnist Frank Perri goes on vacation, revisits his New Year resolutions and finds them wanting. So out with the old and in with the new, well just one resolution, which one will come as a surprise …

Frank Perri reviews the Moog Minitaur
December 14, 2012

The analog revival is in full swing. Analog synthesis is not only experiencing a resurgence, but also a renaissance. In the middle of all this, what does Moog, a trusted name in analog for decades decide to do? They release a synth that just deals with the bottom line, and that’s it. But as you’ll find, the bottom is what it does best, but not the only trick it knows.

The mystique makes the man
September 2, 2012

I was at home when the phone rang. Upon answering I heard, “Hey, are you available in August? I have a gig for you…” Oh how those words make me tingle! After checking my calendar I let the other party know I was indeed around. Then came the last thing I ever expected to hear; “Good, I need a keyboard player for a backing band for an Elvis impersonator.”

Frank Perri : I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way
July 3, 2012

There’s an interesting quote attributed to Carl Sagan, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” All too often we lose sight of this in the daily struggles that we face in the perilous balance of making a living while still trying to maintain some kind of a creative presence …

Frank Perri : “It’s no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy”
June 4, 2012

“The pit had slowly turned into a whirlpool and was taking my lunch for a ride in my upper intestine. One of the most frightening things for any musician is not being able to hear a problem because if you can’t hear it, you can’t fix it.” Can columnist Frank Perri get to the end of the recording session in one piece …

Frank Perri : the emergence of the artist
April 30, 2012

Frank Perri wakes up one morning and finds out that all his creative worries have vanished. But has this left him a more confident, creative individual, or a mere shadow of his former self? Find out here …

Frank Perri : Finding inspiration beyond ourselves
March 31, 2012

Tap dancing may seem a very unlikely source of inspiration for a musician! But it led keyboardist and arranger Frank Perri on a journey outside himself, where he found a world much richer than he had previously experienced, and one that colored his future view of music composition for ever …

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