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DAW Workshops
Quantising in Pro Tools using Beat Detective
October 1, 2012

Beat Detective is a very powerful tool for pulling lots of types of audio into time, however I’m going to focus today on how to quantise drums with it; which is what it’s most well known for.

The FL Studio Fruity Compressor
September 29, 2012

Joost Gijselings gets into the FL Studio Fruity Compressor to explain the principles underpinning the use of compression in modern DAW software and their application in track preparation and mixdown.

FL Studio 10 Plug-ins #1 3xOSC (Synthesizer)
September 23, 2012

Tommy Taft reviews the FL Studio 3xOSC Synthesizer plug-in and finds it a lot more powerful than its easy to use interface suggests.

Warping Audio in Pro Tools 10
September 6, 2012

Let’s say you’re recording an artist for a record label, and you have one instrument which is out of time with the rest of the song. The band has gone home and you don’t have the instruments available to re-do anything yourself. So you need to reach for your DAW’s tools to tighten up that performance… This is where Pro Tools’ timing correction tools come into their own. Nick Lucas shows how it’s done.

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