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Becoming a contributor

Audio Times encourages all of you involved in the creation, production and distribution of audio and music to contribute articles and reviews to the magazine.

Here are some suggestions of how you can get involved;

Regular monthly columns : for those of you who want to contribute on a regular basis, we’re happy to consider you joining our team of columnists.  This provides a broad canvas so you are not restricted to one style of article, as long as it’s relevant to the magazine’s broad aims.

Product reviews : if you have purchased, or have access to, new or recently released audio hardware or software; or musical instruments, and would like to submit a review based on your experience of using the product, then we’re happy to hear from you.  Reviews of ‘classic’ gear are also welcome.

Artist reviews : if you are well ‘plugged-in’ to a particular music scene and have regular access to the latest releases in your favourite musical genre, then please do get in touch.  You will need to the copyright holder’s permission if you intend to include audio clips .   Reviews of live performances are also invited.

Creation : we’re very keen to hear from music composers and song writers so they can share their own approaches to music and song creation.  One of the joys of an on-line magazine is the opportunity to share through the full suite of multi-media tools available on-line.

Production : we seek contributions for those involved in recording, mixing and producing of audio, whether that be for live performance; for radio and TV; or for release through on-line, CD or Vinyl.

Design and Technology : We realise you can’t give away all your trade secrets! but it would be great to hear more from our designers; whether your area of work is software, hardware, acoustics, crafts, production engineering : you are all most welcome to contribute.


Writing Standards : worried that your articles won’t be interesting or professional enough?  Don’t be!

The whole philosophy behind Audio Times is that contributors should tell it in their own words.  If you want some more practice first, then drop into our forum and express yourself!  You can also comment about any of the articles published in Audio Times through the ‘comment’ boxes.

How do I submit an article to you?
That’s easy.  You can submit by e-mail to   Send a file containing only text and if you want to include images or audio/video files then send them as separate attachments; please don’t embed images or multi media into the text file.  It’s probably a good idea to send in the text file first then we can follow up from there.  We don’t promise to publish everything we receive but we do promise to respond to all those who send us articles.  If you want to discuss a possible article, then send a brief outline of what you are interested to contribute, and we’ll get back to you.

Can a manufacturer, studio owner or production company submit an article about their company or their products and services?
Yes you can.  Manufacturers and their designers have a lot to contribute to the audio world and we want to hear from them.  We’ll make it clear who the article has been written by so that the reader can place it in context.  If an article crosses the line into blatant marketing then we’ll suggest you take some paid advertising space instead!  That helps to keep Audio Times hosted and healthy.

What’s the pay rate?
We don’t make payment for articles submitted or published.  The economics of a specialist on-line audio magazine simply don’t accommodate it.

Are there any rules and regulations?
Only that what you contribute should be your own work and that any inclusion of non-original text or media must be duly acknowledged and where appropriate you must have the original copyright owner’s permission.  This is particularly important with images, audio and video.

We won’t edit or shorten the articles you send in without your agreement but you should be aware that we never publish anything which contains abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that it likely to cause offence or may get us sued!


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