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Cakewalk SONAR 2016.04 Update

By editorMay 1, 2016


SONAR 2016.04 cakewalk PRCakewalk® “SONAR 2016.04” Update Offers Linear-Phase Mastering Plug-ins, TH3 Cakewalk Amp Simulator, and Multiple Improvements.

TH3 Cakewalk
Cakewalk has partnered with Overload to develop the new TH3 Cakewalk amp simulator for all three versions of SONAR (Artist, Professional, and Platinum). This VST3 plug-in includes new amp models and cabinets, a revised and improved User Interface, and new Impulse Response technology with more accurate modeling for superior “feel” and response. It’s backward compatible with projects using the previous TH2 amp, so even older projects can benefit from TH3’s 4th generation modeling technology..

LP EQ and LP MB Mastering Plug-Ins
Developed in-house by Cakewalk, the LP EQ features 20 bands of linear-phase frequency sculpting while the LP MB offers up to six 6 bands of transparent, linear-phase, frequency-based compression. Cakewalk Product Manager Lance Riley states, “These bring significant, new options for mastering and mixing. Both plug-ins can process left and right stereo, or mid (center) and side, channels independently as well as the traditional linked mode. This kind of power results in an incredibly versatile, cutting-edge audio processor.” Both plug-ins also feature a detailed spectrum analyzer that displays both pre- and post-processing states together in real time, providing additional insights on the results of the processing.

For more information on the curated improvements and enhancements in this update, please see the free SONAR Membership Release monthly eZine, and visit here to learn more about the new SONAR 2016.04 release as well as see a preview of what’s planned for the near future.

The SONAR 2016.04 update, a free download from the Cakewalk Command Center, is available to all current SONAR Artist, Professional and Platinum customers. All three SONAR versions are available globally through music and sound retailers, Valve’s Steam Store, and the Cakewalk Store.


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