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KRK Announces the ROKIT 4 G3 Compact Studio Monitor

By editorOctober 15, 2015


KRK_RP4G3_151015KRK Systems announces the ROKIT 4 powered studio monitors. Ideal for musicians on the go, desktop audio, tight spaces, and mobile setups, these tiny titans translate the power, quality, and performance of KRK’s larger monitors into a compact, portable format.

The ROKIT 4 G3 offers the accurate, tight bass extension for which KRKs are famous. The 4” woofer features glass-Aramid composite material, which preserves transient response yet moves plenty of air to create satisfying bass. The 1” soft-dome tweeter reproduces highs smoothly up to 35 kHz, without the harshness found in some other speakers. Each speaker has its own analog, Class A/B amplifier, and incorporates superior cabinet design.  As with all Generation 3 ROKIT studio monitors, the ROKIT 4 has both high and low-frequency level controls along with balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs.  This all adds up to a flexible studio monitor with accurate, defined sound—the proof is how faithfully music mixed on KRK speakers translates when played over other systems.

According to Gibson Pro Audio Senior Product Marketing Manager Andrew Beard, “Music professionals have asked us to make a quality, compact studio monitor that could easily be taken anywhere. Our answer is the new ROKIT 4, which has everything that makes the ROKIT series great—just smaller. This series also has color options with the mobile and home studio in mind: original black, white, and silver.”

The ROKIT 4 monitor’s engineering enhancements are made to the same exacting specifications as all of KRK’s Generation 3 speaker line. KRKs don’t just sound good, they sound right—which is why they’re the preferred choice among musicians, producers, and engineers around the world. Audition the big sound of this small speaker today at your local KRK retailer.



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