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SONAR Everett Release

By editorMay 30, 2015


Cakewalk’s latest Sonar release ‘Everett’ has been announced.

Here’s a run down of the new features:

Drum Replacer

Drum Replacer is a huge leap forward not just for SONAR, but for DAWs in general. Unlike other drum replacement products that act as plug-ins inside a DAW, Drum Replacer essentially becomes part of SONAR—and this tight integration results in zero latency and superior performance.

Drum Replacer’s playback engine is synchronized with SONAR Platinum, and being able to analyze an entire region allows for more accurate replacement. There’s also upfront frequency profiling for better CPU performance, user-defined drum hit recognition, and a resizable interface. Whether you’re creating huge studio drum sounds, using samples to replace individual hits (or entire kits) from existing drum tracks, extracting drum hits from loops, or even triggering drums from percussive instruments like guitar or bass – it’s all possible, and more, with this brand new, ARA-integrated module for enhancing drum productions.


Sizzle Bus FX Chain

Give your mixes more definition, brighten up dull sounds, help acoustic instruments fit in better with electronic ones—the Sizzle Bus FX Chain emulates the famous “exciter” effect used on so many hit records over the years. Best of all it’s very “plug-and-play,” with all crucial parameters brought out to four knobs, and super-easy to use.


Kick Start Rapture Expansion Pack

Don’t kill your workflow trying to find the right kick drum sample for electronic, EDM, hip hop, and industrial mixes. Instead, create your ideal kick drum sound in seconds with the new Rapture Kick Start Expansion Pack. It’s fast, easy, and even better, Kick Start makes an ideal companion for the KickMaster FX Chain from last month’s Dorchester release.


Workflow enhancements and fixes

From ARA to VocalSync, this release includes nearly 40 fixes and enhancements designed to improve your workflow and project efficiency.





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