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Gibson To Launch Ron Wood Signature Guitar

By editorMay 10, 2015


Gibson_L5S_100515-1Not all vintage guitars were first built in the 1950’s. In the periods between “The Golden Era” and the rebirth of Gibson Solid Body guitars as today’s new icons in their own right, a few gems found their way into the mix. Ask Ron Wood which of those flew most unnoticeably under the radar and he’ll tell you the L5S is the most beloved to him personally. And who can argue with the very definition of “rock star?” That’s why, today, Gibson Custom is pleased to offer a solid body inspired by a time of improbability, from an era that most guitar players might not recognize as having made some significant contributions to music. Applying the standards of craft, material and quality now the norm at Gibson Custom means the new Ron Wood L5S is not only a great retro Gibson design, but one of incredible tone and feel.

Today’s L5S is made from a two-piece, hard maple top affixed to a chambered body comprised of a three piece maple center layer and 2 piece maple back .

As with earlier versions from the ’70’s, the Ron Wood L5S also features a 5 ply Walnut/Maple/Walnut neck and aesthetic compliments that follow the style of the Gibson Les Paul Custom. These include the multi-ply binding on the top and back, bound solid ebony fretboard and LP Custom style headstock. In a purposeful deviation from its 1970’s predecessor, the Ron Wood L5S sports a Les Paul sized headstock as opposed to the larger L5 headstock. While the latter has its fans, the former, in Ron Wood’s view, offers a better look as well as balance to the guitar.

Gibson_L5S_100515-2The Ron Wood L5S’s sound is classic Ron Wood, featuring a Burstbucker 1 in the neck and a Burstbucker 2 in the bridge, both wound to its namesake’s specifications. Also included at the bequest of Mr. Wood are the single Master Volume and Tone knobs. To keep that 70’s vibe, the gold hardware includes Grover Kidneystone tuners, which come together with the rest of the set and the guitar’s Lamp Black Gloss finish to make good on the classic Gibson “Tuxedo Look”.

The Gibson Custom Ron Wood L5S is available in a limited run of 50 hand-signed and played by Ron Wood plus another 250 that are neither signed nor played by the artist.



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