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MAGIX Samplitude celebrates 25 years

By editorMay 2, 2015


Samplitude, the successful Digital Audio Workstation, has turned 25 and MAGIX is celebrating!


Samplitude’s success story began in the summer of 1986 with two visionary Computer Science Students of the Dresden University of Technology in the GDR. Titus Tost and Tilman Herberger met while working at the Electronic Sound Production Studio of the Dresden College of Music. Limited budgets, the college’s conservative orientation, the fact that some hardware was only available to West Germans and the GDR’s slow and stagnating economy all hindered innovation in the field of electronic music production. Thus, the studio started with only two borrowed DX7 synths and a Commodore C64.

Under these special circumstances, the two students began programming MIDI software. This way they were able to focus on creating products with innovation at the very center – a principle that is shared across all Samplitude generations, beginning with the first lines of code in April 1990.

The first market-ready version of Samplitude was finished in 1992 and took the form of a sample editor with up to 28-bit audio processing for the Amiga platform. The first version for PC was released two years later. Samplitude’s codebase continued to evolve over the years and supplied the foundation for Sequoia, which was released in 2000. This high-end broadcast and mastering solution was used for the production of a total of 7 Grammy winners in 2015 alone and demonstrates MAGIX’s superiority in the audio sector.

The newest version, Samplitude Pro X2, has been available since December of last year and sports impressive features such as VCA faders, free plug-in routing, zplane time stretching technology as well as countless new instruments.

Samplitude’s birthday will be celebrated by MAGIX with several special promotions.  For a limited time only, Samplitude Pro X2 will be available for a price of $209 instead of the regular price of $499. This gives everyone the opportunity to use one of the most powerful DAWs to produce music at an unprecedented level.




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