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Cakewalk introduce Rapture Pro Synth

By editorApril 15, 2015

Rapture Pro is the most advanced synth Cakewalk has ever produced – combining algorithmic and sample-based synthesis in an intuitive design for musicians of any skill level. It delivers the best parts of Dimension Pro and Rapture in one instrument, perfect for your studio or live setup. Rapture Pro includes nearly 1,000 new sounds that span all music genres, and also loads every legacy sound and sample from its predecessors.


Rapture Pro is designed to adapt to your personal workflow. Composers can easily find and preview commercial-ready sounds by top designers in an intuitive new Browser. Performers can move from studio to stage with Rapture Pro’s new instrument page – a dedicated view with fast, efficient controller mapping for real-time expressiveness. And sound designers can create a signature sound with Rapture Pro’s Edit mode – which features extensive layering and mixing capabilities that let you stand out from the crowd.

What’s New in Rapture Pro

  • The ultimate fusion – layer synth sounds with real-life instruments
  • Redesigned UI – Bigger, cleaner, and more organized
  • Master your sounds with the improved Mixer Page
  • Dedicated Browser page for finding sounds quickly
  • Play on-stage or jam in the studio with the new Instrument Page
  • Assign up to 8 macro knobs and 2 X/Y pads to any parameters in Rapture Pro
  • Nearly 10 GB of carefully curated sounds from professional sound designers
  • Vector Mixer for creative, real-time mixing
  • 2-click MIDI mapping for quick, spontaneous controller assignments
  • Surgically carve out your tone with the redesigned EQ
  • Take advantage of VST3 technology with Rapture Pro
  • Load new and legacy expansion packs

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