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Fairlight Teams Up With Auro Technologies For Native 3D Audio Creation

By editorFebruary 3, 2015


Auro 3D logoFairlight, the Australian pioneer in designing high-end live and post production systems for audio, video recorders, and cutting edge universal editing controllers, announced today that they will implement native Auro-3D® mixing into its state of the art products.

The Auro-Codec® will be integrated in Fairlight’s newest platform for immersive and object-oriented 3D Sound Production, the 3D Audio Workspace (3DAW). 3DAW adds immersive sound capability to your existing digital audio workstation, whilst remaining fully compatible with your established workflow.

According to Tino Fibaek, Fairlight’s CTO, “3DAW is one of the most innovative products we have launched in years and we are very excited about the integration of Auro-3D®. We now support mixing, monitoring, authoring, and reviewing of Auro-3D® deliverables, in both the Auro 11.1 and Auro 13.1 unique 3-layered speaker layouts. We look forward to working with Auro Technologies in the future as they have a mature and established delivery format, and we have a matching 3D production platform.”

“As a long-time big fan of Fairlight products for music production and post-production, I am very delighted to see the integration of our Auro-3D® technology,” said Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies. “We, at Auro Technologies, are thrilled to be able to give the Fairlight users easy tools to add a completely new dimension in sound providing creative possibilities as never seen before. The final and missing dimension of Height has finally arrived after 150 years of recording and reproduction of sound!”


Auro-3D® website

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