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Album Review : Dead Letter Circus : The Catalyst Fire

By Rob PalladinoNovember 9, 2013


Dead_Letter_Circus_-_The_Catalyst_Fire_album_coverDead Letter Circus
The Catalyst Fire

Bit late on this one (was released in August), but what the hell. In my grand tradition of pretty much only reviewing albums that I like, Dead Letter Circus’s sophomore release stands out like a tom cat’s bollocks.

Hailing from Brisbane, formed in 2005, DLC have put out an album of such remarkable maturity, endless melody and possibilities that it’s utterly jaw-dropping.

Second albums are notoriously difficult beasts to create and control. So many bands have failed to deliver and live up to the promise of their first release that it’s almost a crying shame. DLC, however, blow that theory right out of the water.

Although more electronically orientated than it’s predecessor “This Is The Warning,” “The Catalyst Fire” has an epic span and is a statement of true intent. It has a gorgeous, layered sound with sweeping guitars and keyboards drifting in and out while the drums of the excellent Tom Skelrj, nail the whole thing down and stop it floating away.

From the opening, massive majestic attack of “Alone Awake,” the loping threat of “Burning Man,” and the thundering single “Lodestar,” it’s obvious this band means business.

Of course, like all young bands, you can plainly hear their influences (Tool, Linkin Park and the Andy Summer’s choppy guitar stylings), but the trick this band has pulled is that they sound completely like themselves.

Without harping on about how early it is in their career, to manage to sound this original whilst hiding your influences in plain sight is quite the feat and DLC do it with panache, style and instrumental brilliance.

Dead Letter Circus, to me anyway, have clean come out of nowhere and I am now a total believer. If these guys are not massive within five years there truly is no justice. They are a stadium band waiting to happen and if that does come about, then they’ll thoroughly deserve it.

Go out, buy this and love it.

Rob Palladino

“The Catalyst Fire” is out now and available online and wherever you can find it.

Many thanks to Valeria Laghezza at Duff Press for the heads up!

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