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The Thespians release their new single on Monday 19th August

By editorJuly 24, 2013


thespians_240713‘You start with too many ideas and take them out until you’re left with only the really good ones’. Paul Thespian is explaining the process that led to the creation of the two songs that mark his band’s first real public appearance in the UK outside of their Liverpool base.

Already well known in the city for their impromptu house parties at the home they call ‘The Box’, evidence of which can be seen in the video for ‘Adored’, the band are now striking out across the UK for their first nationwide tour.

The Thespians revolve around the songs and lyrics of vocalist and guitarist Paul. Growing up in Bolton around his dad’s collection of 60’s beat group albums, it was when a pink Stratocaster and amp entered the house in his early teens that the songwriting bug really bit. How the guitar got there remains a moot point, according to Paul ‘guys would turn up at his factory looking to offload stuff quickly for cash’ but the guitar was so special that it took Paul months to summon up the courage to ask for a go. Soon after the guitar and amp were Paul’s.

Focusing on the artists he heard as a teen, Paul built a band of his own to deliver his three minute pop songs stripped of all fat as amply demonstrated on this single. Scoring studio time at Liverpool’s famous Parr Street Studios and recording in the world famous Studio One that has played host to the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen, The Stone Roses and Elbow amongst others was the perfect fit for this traditionalist approach to recording, a massive live room and 24 track tape rather than Cubase in a cupboard.

Having already released an album via ultra hip Japanese Indie Vinyl Junkie (also home to early recordings from The Courteeners and Everything Everything) which sold its 2000 run in three days and played alongside the likes of Iggy Pop and The Buzzcocks The Thespians are now ready to bring their headrush pop to the wider world.

The Thespians will be touring the UK, playing dates throughout July and August. Check their website, as more dates are confirmed.



Fri 12/07 – Islington Bar, Angel, London

Wed 17/07 –  Death Disco, Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Sat 27/07 – Friars Live Festival, Friars Court, Warrington

Tue 6/08 – The Keys, Middlesborough

Tue 13/08 – XYXX Presents @ Vibe Bar, East London

Thur 15/08 – Death Disco, House of Wolf, Islington, London

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