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RME launches new 8-Channel Mic Preamp with Converters

By editorJuly 24, 2013



8-Channel 192 kHz  Digital Mic Preamp and MultiFormat A/D & D/D Converter


RME claim that the ThOctaMic XTC is one of the most versatile RME interfaces ever built.

On the one hand it is the perfect extension to the Fireface UFX to add 8 fully integrated microphone channels, multiple formats of digital audio, and much more.

On the other hand the OctaMic XTC can be used as stand-alone interface to record audio (e.g. microphones) on Apple OS/iOS devices connected via the integrated driverless class compliant mode, to give one example.

At the same time analog and digital audio can be converted and routed to the digital outputs, and to the analog headphones outputs, as well. The OctaMic XTC provides quick access to all functions, which allows extremely fast and easy set up times.

The OctaMic XTC can of course be connected to all RME interfaces, MADI interfaces and converters, which makes the OctaMic XTC a versatile solution provider for a large variety of applications.


The OctaMic XTC features an advanced eight channel micro-phone/line/instrument preamplifier with 192 kHz/24 bit A/D conversion and AutoSet functionality, fully MIDI remote controllable via USB, DIN and MADI. All digital in- and outputs can be easily patched and routed, visualized on a comfortable high resolution color display, turning the XTC into a full blown digital format converter.


• 8 x Mic/Line Preamps, digitally controlled

(4 x PAD, 4 x Hi-Z switchable)

• 2 x Stereo Analog Outputs

• 4 x AES/EBU I/O

• 1 x ADAT I/O (2 x out S/MUX)

• 1 x MADI I/O optical

• 1 x MIDI I/O DIN

• 2 x MIDI I/O USB

• 1 x MIDI over MADI



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