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Studiocare Makes Major Yamaha Investment

By editorFebruary 25, 2013


Yamaha_Studiocare_250213Although Yamaha Pro Audio is best known for its mixing consoles, a core part of the company’s business is power amplifiers and loudspeakers. Marrying the latest technology with Yamaha’s famous reliability, these qualities have been embraced by Liverpool-based Studiocare Professional Audio, who recently invested in a major consignment.

Although amps and speakers are not as high profile as mixing consoles, the design ethos of Yamaha’s is exactly the same – delivering high quality sound and features, ease of use, versatility and reliability. These are the reasons why Studiocare invested in 120 P-S series power amplifiers plus 84 HS series, 80 DXR series and 10 DXS series loudspeakers.

“We bought the DXR and DXS loudspeakers for our hire department after trying a pair of DXR12s,” says Drew Culshaw, Studiocare Hire Manager. “We were very impressed with the quality of sound they deliver at a very good price point. They have proved extremely popular with our rental customers, both as FOH speakers and as monitors, and we are happy to use them for installations as well as live applications.

“The HS50s and 80s are among the most popular monitors we sell. Meanwhile, the quality and reliability of the P-S series amplifiers means that we regularly use them in installations. This investment gives us a healthy stock across the four-model range, so we have them ‘off the shelf’ for any type of project.”

It’s not just about the products, however – high quality support is also essential. It is something that Yamaha devotes just as much attention to as it does in developing the equipment.

“The quality of the products is, of course, a huge factor, but the after sales support we receive from Yamaha is second to none and very important to us,” adds Drew. “We’ve long had a good relationship with Yamaha and it will always be a brand that we are happy to invest in.”


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