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Ecuador’s leading rental company, buys MIDAS PRO 2 System

By editorAugust 21, 2012


MIDAS PRO2 goes to work in Ecuador

MIDAS distributor for Ecuador, Electronic Amusement S.A. has sold the country’s first MIDAS PRO2 Live Audio System to the country’s leading rental company, Speakers Group.

Speakers Group designs and delivers total audio solutions for high profile corporate customers in a number of sectors including car dealerships, drinks companies, make up manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and government.

Since its inception in 2005, Speakers Group has established itself as one of the most important companies in Ecuador. Owner of the company, David Vicedo, discusses: “It’s our company mission to acquire market leading equipment for our clients. MIDAS consoles have been high on our wish list for some time. For Speakers Group, it’s crucial to offer to our customers the best and without a doubt MIDAS offers unsurpassed sound quality. We have established our name as a leader in the market. To have the first PRO2 system in the country is vitally important to us.”

After taking delivery of the PRO2, Speakers Group immediately deployed it: “The first gig we did was the election of a beauty Queen in a city near Quito,” explains Vicedo. “We followed this up with two concerts for the Spanish singer Martha Sanchez.

“The PRO2 system sounds superb and no matter how hard you push it, there will always be more head room,” continues Vicedo. “It is the best sound we have heard from a mixing console in Ecuador.”

Speakers Group is now planning to add to its pro audio arsenal with a PRO2C system and a PRO1 for the smaller venues.



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