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Thin Lizzy : Classic Album Selection

By Rob PalladinoAugust 3, 2012


Thin Lizzy
Classic Album Selection

After all of the words written about this band in the past, you’d think the last thing needed was yet another review, but this five disc collection is something worth writing about.

The history behind Thin Lizzy is storied to say the very least.  From the incredible wealth of songs, the non-stop touring schedules to the well-documented drug and alcohol excesses that culminated in the tragic death of founder member Phil Lynott in January 1986,  Lizzy remain a legendary band.

From the album “Nightlife,” through to “Black Rose,” this set covers from 1974-1979 and shows how remarkable the growth of the band actually was.  Listening to each album one after the other gives you a clue as to how Lynott’s songwriting skill  flourished in five short years and just how good the band became.

There are songs on each of these albums, with the possible exception of the very naïve and poor sounding “Nightlife,” that evokes memories of my teens and how, along with Queen, Rush and Kiss, Lizzy were one of the first rock bands I ever heard and loved.  From songs like “Jailbreak” and the ubiquitous “The Boys Are Back In Town” (arguably one of the best commercial rock songs ever written), through to deeper cuts like “Soldier of Fortune,” “Bad Reputation” and “Massacre,” the five discs here are a reminder of one of rock’s greatest ever song writers.

Rob Palladino
August 2012

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