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DiGiCo SD8 delivers Turkish online shows

By editorJuly 30, 2012


Music fans in Turkey have been treated to a series of online ‘unplugged’ concerts during the first half of 2012, with performances by five of the country’s brightest up-and-coming bands broadcast online by promoter Hafifmuzik. Each watched by 8-10,000 people, the sessions were mixed by engineer Cagan Tunali on a DiGiCo SD8.

The bands – Melis Danismend, Malt, Büyük Ev Ablukada, 123 and Multitap –  were chosen as the most suitable for the target audience of young Internet users who were looking for quality music. High profile Turkish engineer Cagan was asked by the project’s originator, music critic Mehmet Tez, to look after all the technical sound requirements.

“This was the first serious online unplugged project in Turkey,” says Cagan. “My responsibilities included advising on the choice of sound equipment, deciding on how to set the bands up and being both Front of House and monitor engineer during the performances. Furthermore, I have been doing multitrack recordings of the shows, for release as a DVD.”

A DiGiCo user for around two years, Cagan opted for the SD8 (with RME interface for the recording) because it effectively satisfied both his and the project’s requirements 

“To do my job as I want to, I need a console which has a hi-end preamp and at the same time the best quality dynamics and EQ to create the exact sound I have in my mind. It also has to be fast and efficient to use – the SD8 is all of these,” he says.

“In comparison with the others on the market, DiGiCo distinguishes itself as a manufacturer of consoles which give you everything a sound engineer would need. That’s why I always prefer using DiGiCo – I am a sound engineer with little tolerance for concessions on sound quality.”


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