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Audix Microphones : A History of Performance, Innovation and Excellence

By editorJuly 1, 2012


Cliff Castle, co-founder of Audix

Cliff Castle, co-founder of Audix, gives us a short history of the company, its microphone design philosophy, and some of the innovative technology and manufacturing which keeps them in the premier league within their industry sector.

“Audix began in 1984 with a mission that remains unchanged: To design, engineer, and manufacture high performing, innovative products that contribute to the advancement of the professional audio industry.  Year after year Audix microphones are recognized for their innovative design, performance, quality, durability and value.  Audix is determined to push the limits of technology.  From concept to completion, the on-site research and development team combined with an in-house manufacturing facility enables Audix to proudly provide products designed at the Wilsonville, Oregon headquarters.  Audix continues to evolve; striving to provide products that exceed your expectations.

“Audix’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility focuses on R & D, automation and CNC machining equipment.  This not only enables Audix to control the quality of the products from start to finish, it allows for continual improvements and enhancements as new materials and processes become available.  While the process of capturing acoustic sound waves and converting them to electronic impulse is a very complex process, Audix always strives forthe simple, most elegant solutions.  This is apparent from the design and performance of products such as the OM Series, VX5, VX10, D Series, i5, SCX25A, and The Micros™.

OM5 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

OM SERIES – Pioneering VLM™ Capsule Technology

“In 1986, Audix designed and introduced a proprietary capsule for the OM Series utilizing VLM™ (Very Low Mass) technology.  The principle of the VLM™ technology is based on a very lightweight diaphragm which allows for extremely fast, accurate processing of incoming signals.  The result is clear and natural sound reproduction, extended frequency response and high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) handling.

“VLM™ technology, combined with a very tight hypercardioid polar pattern and aerodynamic body design established the OM Series as a new class of vocal microphones.  The OM5, OM6, and OM7  are the vocal microphones of choice amongst sound engineers and top touring artists such as Alanis Morissette, Pearl Jam, George Strait, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, The Doobie Brothers, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World and Crosby, Stills & Nash; to name a few.   This series continues to grow in popularity year after year and has become legendary in the industry.   


VX5 Electret Condenser

VX5 and VX10 – Achieving New Standards in Handheld Vocal Condenser Performance  

“Condenser microphones are somewhat challenging to use in a live stage environment.  It is typical for these types of mics to be prone to feedback, due to higher sensitivity, and less capable of handling high sound pressure levels.  However, many of today’s jazz artists, acoustic based groups and singer/songwriters demand studio quality sound on stage.  Audix has responded to this demand with the development of two outstanding condenser microphones; the VX10 and the VX5.

“The VX10 features a 21mm capsule and requires 48-52 volts phantom power foroperation.  Ideally suited for stages with one featured vocal artist, the VX10 will provide unmatched studio quality sound forlive broadcasts and performances.

“The VX5 features a 14mm capsule and switches for-10 dB pad and bass roll-off.  The VX5 is an electret condenser vocal microphone requiring phantom power of 9-52 volts.  Providing a very wide frequency response with rich lows and detailed highs, the VX5 will meet the most demanding requirements fora wide variety of live sound applications.


Dynamic Instrument Microphone

The D Series and i5 Dynamic VLM ™ Instrument Microphones

“Dynamic VLM™ instrument microphones are chosen for live performance due to their ruggedness, utility, high SPL handling and pattern control.  The introduction of the D Series in 1993 broadened the category of dynamic instrument microphones and created new possibilities for drum and percussion applications.

“Audix combined VLM™ capsule technology, transformerless design and precision machined aluminum housings to achieve new performance standards in live sound and recording. With the introduction of the D6 in 2002, Audix shifted the paradigm for kick drum microphones.”

“The tradition continues with the recent development of the i5; a well rounded general purpose utility mic with outstanding results on snare and guitar cabs.  Audix simplified the challenging task of selecting microphones to use for drum kits, percussion ensembles, piano and general studio sessions by being the first in the industry to pre-package several different configurations of microphones into ‘mic packs.’


SCX25A large diaphram condenser microphone

SCX25A – Destined to Become a Classic

“In the world of studio condensers, a microphone only becomes a classic when it proves itself to be indispensable.  The SCX25A is just that.  SCX25A has a large diaphragm capsule housed within a unique, patented internal shock mount which is isolated within an intricate machined brass ring.  This microphone has its own signature sound that delivers a pure, open-air sound with exceptional detail and realism.

“The SCX25A has proven to be an outstanding microphone on piano.  Because of its small footprint and acoustic behavior, it can successfully be used on a short stick or in a closed lid environment; one of the biggest challenges facing any microphone.    The SCX25A is ideally suited for any acoustical application including vocals, guitar, strings, brass, overheads, woodwinds, ensembles and room miking. 


MicroBoom with M1250B Minature Condenser

The Micros ® – Pushing the Limits of Size and Performance…  

“Representing one the most intriguing innovations in microphone technology, The Micros™ are the world’s smallest condenser microphones with integrated preamp and detachable cable.  The Micros™ also feature studio quality sound, very low self-noise and up to 129 dB of dynamic range.  Additional characteristics of these mics include complete immunity from RF, tailored frequency response, three application specific levels of sensitivity and a wide variety of optional clips and accessories. 

“Coupled with the MicroBoom™, a portable lightweight carbon fiber boom arm available in varying lengths of 24, 50, and 84 inches, The Micros™ have raised the bar when it comes to overhead choir miking applications.

“The M1255B features an unprecedented output sensitivity of 32 mV / Pa and operates on a minimum phantom voltage of 18 volts.  It is ideally suited for distance learning and conference systems.   The most recent products developed utilizing this highly sensitive capsule includes the M40 and M70 ceiling microphones which are designed for permanent installation.


BP7PRO Microphone Set

Leader of the Pack

Being the first to introduce the concept of professional microphone assortments, Audix simplified the approach to selecting microphones for drum kits, percussion ensembles, piano and general studio sessions, by offering an array of pre-packaged microphone collections.  These signature “mic packs” contain models designed to operate congruently while capturing and isolating each individual sound distinctively and naturally.  All microphone packs are equipped with a variety of clips and accessories, all of which are packed securely into a handsome aluminum carrying case.  The Audix microphone collections provide an extraordinary value and a lifetime of performance.”


Our thanks to Cliff.  You can check out the entire Audix range at

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