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Reader reviews of the new Rush “Clockwork Angels” album

By editorJune 24, 2012


Deslock, United States: June 23, 2012

Caravan struck me as a strong song when it was released two years ago, and this slightly remixed version is even more enjoyable in the context of the rest of the album. Its momentum changes are a lot of fun. Ranked as my 6th favorite song on the album, it barely makes the top half, but that’s only because the album is so good!

I’ve loved BU2B since it came out, and the new intro and effects make it that much better. A wonderful combination of thoughtful lyrics (notice the second line of each verse is the 1st line of the next one), energetic guitars, thunderous drums, and a great bass groove. The 4th best song on the album.

Clockwork Angels
An absolutely incredible prog masterpiece at a “brief” 7:31, this song is a combination of Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Transatlantic, Dream Theater, and classic Rush. The best song on the album, and possibly their best non-instrumental song ever.

The Anarchist
The onslaught continues with The Anarchist, which cranks up the energy once again. The incredible interplay between the drums, guitars, and bass is reminiscent of 1970s Rush, and the melodies are very catchy. 3rd best song on the album.

Another Aggressive song, Carnies has some slightly abrasive singing at the beginning that detracts from it. Still, it ends up coming together, with the bass line pushing things along nicely and a sick guitar solo. 5th best song on the album

Halo Effect
Halo Effect is a decent ballad. Not as good as Ghost Rider or the Pass, but slightly better than Nobody’s Hero and The Larger Bowl. Ranked 12th on the album.

Seven Cities Of Gold
Something about this song’s weird mid-tempo main riff doesn’t quite do it for me. Still it’s interesting enough to be worthwhile. Ranked 11th on the album.

The Wreckers
The Wreckers is easily the most melodic and catchy song on the album and deserves lots of radio play. Ranked 8th on the album.

Headlong Flight
A jaw dropping, jam-tastic, drum-fill-athon that never gets old. The simple yet inspirational lyrics were written for Neil Peart’s former teacher, Feddie Gruber, who passed away last year. You can tell they’re having a blast with this song, and it’s the perfect tribute. Ranked a close 2nd after the title track.

BU2B2 is an interesting and short orchestral piece with nice feel to it. Ranked 7th.

Wish Them Well
Another Geddy song. Fun and catchy, but not a standout. Ranked 10th.

The Garden
An unusual album closer for Rush much like Mystic Rhythms and Available Light were. One of the most beautiful and moving songs they’ve written, it ends the Clockwork Angels story appropriately. Ranked 9th.

Summing-Up the album
These three guys compliment each other perfectly, and producer Nick Raskulinecz deserves kudos for getting them to the top of their game.

Neil Peart has reached a new plateau with both his drumming and lyrics.

Geddy Lee’s voice isn’t what it used to be, but he makes the most of it and sounds great. His bass playing is all over the place, driving almost every song. His writing and performance are nothing short of a grand slam.

Alex Lifeson absolutely shreds it on this record, and his attention to detail really shines. He’s never gotten the attention he deserves, but history will recognize his genius as an amazing improvisational guitarist and soloist who managed to stand out in a band dominated by bass and drums.

Rush has somehow not only added another high note to a ridiculously lengthy and glorious career, but they’ve outdone themselves. The album is enjoyable start to finish and most of its songs stand up to Rush’s classics.

The obvious comparison is their landmark album, Moving Pictures, and in my opinion they’ve actually topped it with this release. That’s an incredible feat and something I never expected.

In summary, this is an energetic and dense masterpiece that gets better with each listen. Every fan of rock or prog needs to buy this album. Right now.

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