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Winners of the May 2012 competition announced

By editorJune 4, 2012

Our May 2012 competiton gave readers the chance to win one of two FXpansion BFD2 software drum production kits.


The lucky winners are;

Sergio Martinez based in Mexico

Sergio works as a FOH engineer for festivals such as “Corona Capital” and “Vive Latino” in Mexico City.  He also does FOH for a couple of bands.

Production-wise, Sergio has done a couple of remixes for local bands as well as produced (Mixing and Mastering) using Ableton and Logic.  He normally use the DCAM Synth Squad and Fxpansion VST to AU adapter to run many plug-ins through Logic.
Sergio is 21 years old and has a Bachelors degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.
Mathias Nilsson based in Sweden
Mathias is 35 years old and lives in Stockholm.  He has a couple of music projects on the go at the moment;
A solo project ‘Sarto’, which you can visit at
And the band ‘WAEE’, who you can follow at
Mathias mostly listens to Jamaican Dubmusic and old random electronic music.
Congratulations to both winners!
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