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Sennheiser introduces new K-array Piccolo

By editorMay 19, 2012


Audio specialist Sennheiser announces the arrival of the Piccolo system by K-array. The Piccolo, manufactured by Italian loudspeaker specialist K-array and distributed in the United States exclusively by Sennheiser, represents the latest advances in loudspeaker innovation, delivering an impressive sound in a miniature footprint.

Stylish and modern in design, the Piccolo’s two 3.6-inch mid-high speakers and compact subwoofer practically disappear in any room. Set up is a snap, with standard RCA and XLR connectors to support multiple source inputs, such as TV, DVD, the Apple iPod, and more. Easy to use and simple to integrate into any existing system, the Piccolo delivers high-quality audio for homes, offices or project studios.

K-array, a well-respected loudspeaker brand in the installed sound and professional audio markets, develops extremely efficient loudspeaker solutions that are compact and powerful, delivering an extremely transparent, natural sound. K-array’s professional series of loudspeakers have been used at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, OH, Avery Fisher Hall in New York and many other prominent locations around the world, including the Colosseo Theater in Turin, Italy.

“Invisible” footprint, easy set up, pristine sound

Piccolo is a complete, turn-key loudspeaker system that is simple to install and operate. In addition to two mini-speakers, a subwoofer and an amplification module, the system comes with a basic wiring kit, table stands and brackets for wall installation. Installation consists of just six easy steps, whether the system is being installed in a home, studio, workplace or other listening environment. The system offers intuitive operation and simple adjustment with an on/off button and integrated volume for one-touch control.

“The Piccolo is an elegant solution that provides discreet, yet inspiring and powerful audio,” explained Vanessa Jensen, senior product specialist for systems integration at Sennheiser’s U.S. headquarters. “This system brings K-array’s experience and expertise in loudspeaker technology to listeners desiring premium sound experience in home audio, home theaters, home gaming, office audio, project studios and more.”

Piccolo is available now for $2,499.95


Frequency range            32 Hz – 18 kHz
Maximum SPL                92 dB (continuous) / 96 dB (peak)

Type                               (2) Class D – DSP controlled
Power to mid-high          (2) 50 W (100 W total)
Power to subwoofer       110 W
Protection                       Dynamic limiter, over current, over temp, short circuits

Mid-high (each)              4 x 0.5” Neodymium cone driver with 0.5” voice coil
Subwoofer                      1 x 6” Neodymium magnet with double 1.5” voice coil
                                       1 x 6” passive radiator

AC power
Operating range             85-132 V or 170-264 V, at either 50 / 60 Hz
                                       (auto switching)
Nominal Current Draw    2 A / 115 V AC – 1 A / 230 V AC
Peak power                    (2) 220 W / 120 ms max
Max power                     150 W (continuous) / 400 W (peak)

Dimensions                    Mid-high: 3.6 x 0.8 x 0.6 in.
Subwoofer:                     5.1 x 8.9 x 8 in.
Amplifier:                        8.1 x 8.9 x 8 in.
Weight                            Mid-high: 2 oz.
Subwoofer:                     10.1 lbs.
Amplifier:                         7.3 lbs.

The incredibly thin and lightweight K-array loudspeakers are manufactured in Italy and distributed in the U.S. and Canada exclusively by Sennheiser. Despite their small size, K-array speakers deliver impressive power and sound quality for small, medium and large-scale applications, including touring, special events, installed sound and broadcast.

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