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White Villa Sounds Good with Genelec!

By editorApril 2, 2012

White Villa, a leading independent production unit, has recently upgraded its production facilities at its headquarters the Netherlands.  The newly refurbished studio features a Genelec DSP system with the award-winning 8260A monitor ensuring first class results for the many “a” status acts which use the studios for mixing and recording.

“The 8260A was the perfect monitor for the White Villa project,” comments Jan Morel"

Founded in 1997 by John Dirne, White Villa (part of White Villa Entertainment) began life as a small business but has grown to become a dynamic, successful recording company with many hits to its name in almost every thinkable style.  Based at Edein the centre of theNetherlands, White Villa has four control rooms and two studios and a hospitality bar area with private pool.  Audio consultant, Jan Morel of Morel Muziek chose the 8260A as the main monitor to complement the SSL duality console and other leading edge equipment.

“The 8260A was the perfect monitor for the White Villa project,” comments Jan Morel.  “We wanted a monitor that could give excellent performance at all levels and the 8260A delivers seamless quality, especially at the higher levels.  In essence, it is the final link that makes the ‘recording chain’ complete, so to speak”

Supplied by leading audio distributor, Lemke Roos Audio b.v., the 8260A offers a combination of advanced audio driver technology within a sophisticated enclosure design.  The monitor’s MDC™ Minimum Diffraction Coaxial Mid/High driver technology delivers accurate imaging and sound quality (both on the acoustical axis as well as off-axis) to ensure outstanding clarity and definition of the inner details of the music – a critical feature in a White Villa studio environment.

Genelec DSP signal processing integrates all loudspeaker functions, such as the crossover filters, driver equalizers, driver position alignment, room response alignment, calibration, and equalization related filters as well as distance compensating delays.  The system set up was simplified thanks to the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager™ (GLM™) software which manages all the above functions and Genelec AutoCal™ allowed automated room calibration and sound system alignment for consistent and accurate frequency response to tailor trhe system to suit the room environment.



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