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XONE:DB4 becomes mixer of choice for John Digweed

By editorMarch 31, 2012

John Digwood with the Xone:DB4 digital FX mixer

Long standing Allen & Heath user, John Digweed, has adopted the new Xone:DB4 digital FX mixer as his mixer of choice for all tours and gigs.

“I’ve been using A&H mixers since the Xone:62 came out and I’ve always been a fan, insisting on A&H at every gig,” explains Digweed. “As a DJ, you want to turn up at a gig and know you can rely on the equipment. The DB4 is stable, well built, with excellent, warm sound – it just delivers.”

Digweed has been using the mixer for several months, thoroughly road-testing it on his rigorous tour schedule, which spans the globe.

“I love the DB4’s layout, which is similar to the Xone:92, and it is well thought out; for instance, certain knobs are backlit, which is great for a dark environment but also signals when the mixer is in different modes as the colour changes.

Digweed’s set up comprises the Xone:DB4 and three CDJs.

“It’s a simple set up as the DB4 has everything inside, so I don’t need to connect any other equipment. I use an SD card to play all my music through the CDJs and the DB4 is perfect for what I want to do. The input matrix is a fantastic invention, it allows you to change over quickly or add effects to the track that’s playing. I also love the delays, reverbs and distortion. EQ wise it’s fantastic; Isolator mode works for me as you can really cut things out, subtly nudge out the bass and mid to get a great effect when mixing in.”

When Digweed received the mixer he could not believe the extent of the FX library. He explains:

“There is a wide choice and they really are studio quality. I’m still not at the bottom of the list, it’s endless, giving me the scope to be creative and constantly change things in my sets.”

A full interview is available on A&H’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-71vXD10ZGc

For John Digweed’s latest tour schedule, visit: http://www.johndigweed.com



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