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L-ACOUSTICS system for 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games

By editorMarch 11, 2012

Austrian full service provider Light and Sound has provided an L-ACOUSTICS KARA/KIVA WST® line source system for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck.

Innsbruck’s city centre was transformed into a huge party zone for the 2012 Games, with an action-packed program taking place at Medals Plaza, which hosted not only the daily Victory Ceremonies but also the week-long Innsbruck 2012 Music Festival.

The challenge was to find a perfect setup for the wide ranging styles of music performed, from Austrian folklore and folk music through to hip hop, rock acts and the daily Victory Ceremonies, and also taking into account the 90dB limit set by the city.

Light and Sound made good use of L-ACOUSTICS’ SOUNDVISION 3D acoustic simulation program to create a KARA/KIVA system that guaranteed optimal sound and speech intelligibility at every listening position.

The main system consisted of nine KARA cabinets for left and right hangs, four L-ACOUSTICS SB28 and four L-ACOUSTICS SB18 subwoofers for each side and four L-ACOUSTICS 12XT coaxials for infill and outfill. The system was powered by nine LA8 amplified controllers in LA-RAKs.

The delay system consisted of seven KIVA cabinets and two KILO low frequency extensions for left and right hangs.

A stage monitoring system of12 115XT HiQ active monitors and three dV-Subs was powered by eight LA8 amplified controllers in LA-RAKs.

“The system performed impeccably throughout the eight-day event, pleasing the sound engineers and the Olympic committee with its presence, clarity and detail,” says Günter Dorfer, project manager at Light and Sound. KARA and KIVA are very efficient systems.

The phase and frequency responses are extremely smooth and the quality in high end clarity is amazing. The KIVA/KILO system, with its excellent mid and high resolution, also delivers an amazing amount of sub-lows in proportion to its size. The built in rigging is also a big plus, making both system very quick and easy to set up. We are looking forward to many good shows with these amazing systems.”


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