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Electronic Arts uses DPA miniatures for Battlefield 3

By editorMarch 11, 2012

EA actor miked with the DPA 4061 at La Marque Rose, Paris, for French dialogue recording

Games developer Electronic Arts (EA) has been using DPA 4061 miniature omnidirectional microphones for foreign dialogue recordings for its Battlefield 3 title.

“Part of our job consists of taking over and overseeing the foreign dialogue recordings for most of the games published by EA,” explains Fernando San Nicolas Serrano, from EA’s Central Development Services in Madrid. “We’ve recently been using the DPA 4061 on dialogue recordings for Battlefield 3 in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese.

“The DPA 4061 was our first choice for the motion capture scenes dubbing, recreating as much as possible what was done on the mocap stage in the original version, with the 4061 mounted on the talent’s forehead. We were striving to improve the quality of the actors’ performances by allowing them to move more freely, instead of the accepted convention of staying perfectly still, at a certain fixed distance away from the microphone.”

Fernando and his team found that the 4061’s convenient placement, polar pattern and overall sound quality provided them with the results they needed, and was able to overcome specific challenges of the recording project.

We are always looking for a compromise between a natural and smooth sound quality while minimizing voice projection inconsistencies, noticeable room reflections and avoiding any excessive proximity effect,” he explains. “These are some of the endemic issues we usually find in the pursuit of sound consistency when working with as many different languages and recording studios as we faced on Battlefield 3. The DPA 4061 met these challenges admirably.” 


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