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125 Millennia HV-3 Preamps Bring Oscars Live to 39 Million

By editorMarch 11, 2012

Tommy Vicari

Millennia HV-3 preamps were chosen once again for the live broadcast of the 84rd annual Academy Awards.  Unlike other “live” shows, this one isn’t delayed to other time zones.  The world is hearing the same audio. No second chance to fix something in the delayed broadcast.

Almost every instrument you heard on the show went through a Millennia preamp; HV-3Rs or HV-3Ds. When you have only one chance to capture it live, you want accuracy and dependability.

David Hewett (multiple TEC, Grammy, Emmy and CAS award winner) commented, “We had about 125 channels of Millennia Preamps to send line level over hundreds of feet of cable to the Remote Recording Truck. The clarity of audio along with their high voltage rails and huge dynamic range make them ideal for this work.”

Tommy Vicari (multi award winning score and music mixer, Grammys and Emmys) added “There is not one recording session I do without Millennia Preamps! All their products are essential for the highest quality recording, day in day out.” 

“Millennia is also there when I need them. Any problems, I can count on them for support. I don’t work without them!”

The remote audio team was headed up by Tommy Vicari and David Hewitt (these guys have enough awards between them to hold their own show) They handled the immense task of bringing a constantly changing live event to the world.

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