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RFvenue release compact CP Beam(tm) Antenna

By editorFebruary 4, 2012

RFvenue's CP Beam(tm) Antenna achieves high-gain performance in a lightweight, portable form.

RFvenue, maker of innovative remote antenna products for production wireless, announced today that it has released its high-gain, foldable, circularly polarized CP Beam(tm) Antenna for sale to audio/visual integrators, location sound mixers, broadcast engineers, and touring companies.

“The patent-pending CP Beam is a convenient, easy-to-use, full-size beam antenna for long-range applications that can be very quickly utilized when needed,” remarked RFvenue CEO, Chris Regan. “Customers wanted a compact and durable high-gain antenna without the size, weight, and additional cost of hard plastic or metal designs. It’s great that it folds up for storage, yet is quickly deployable. There’s no need for a dedicated flight case to store the CP Beam – it fits in a two RU rack drawer when folded.”

Robert J Crowley, inventor of Crowley and Tripp microphone technology, and chief of the company, Soundwave Research, that operates RFvenue, commented:

“The new RFvenue antennas all incorporate ergonomic and human factors that have been ignored in the past. RFvenue’s products make wireless systems easier to use, more dependable, and eliminate guesswork in an increasingly complex RF spectrum. The CP Beam is a high-gain, broad bandwidth, directional antenna that is excellent for long-range wireless mics or IEMs, as well as point-to-point RF links,” he said.

The CP Beam antenna is optimized for long distance applications in the

470-698 MHz UHF range, and sells for $499 list price. The company’s products are shipping worldwide through distributors, dealers, and a nationwide manufacturer’s rep force in the US.


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