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At CES 2012 Blue Microphones announced …

By editorFebruary 1, 2012

Blue TIKI USB Microphone

Blue Microphones announces Tiki the first USB mic employing advanced DSP that mimics the intelligence of human hearing by focusing on desired sounds, minimizing background noise and knowing when to mute altogether.  Combining proprietary noise-cancelling technology, Voice Isolation and Intelligent Mute, Tiki dramatically improves the intelligibility of communication in noisy environments and is as compact as a standard USB flash drive! Tiki offers two mode selections: Intelligent Speech Mode for superior intelligibility of communication as well as Natural Recording Mode for recording a wider range of sound sources including instruments, singing or location recording.

For unequivocally clear conference calls, Tiki’s Intelligent Speech Mode brings your voice to the forefront of any conversation, while Tiki’s noise-cancelling technology reduces background noise, computer fans, keyboard typing and other unwanted sounds. Also featuring  Intelligent Mute, Tiki automatically soft-mutes the mic when you are not speaking, eliminating your contribution of background noise, while instantly detecting your voice to bring you back into the conversation seamlessly. Tiki’s cordless design plugs directly into a laptop’s USB port with driverless installation on both PC and Mac. MSRP $59, Tiki is a 2012 CES Innovations award winner in computer peripherals.

Blue Mikey Digital

Recording music or videos on your iPhone or iPad?  Blue Microphones announces the Mikey Digital plug-and-play external mic for capturing professional-quality audio on iPod touch, iPhone 4/S and iPad with any iOS audio app. Mikey Digital captures stereo recordings with the highest resolution possible on the iOS platform. With a multi-input jack for easy plug-in of other sources such as guitars, instruments, handheld mics, and other sources and a USB pass-thru connection for charging in-use, Mikey Digital becomes the ultimate multifaceted recording interface for a wide range of sources.   Now featuring automatic and manual gain, Mikey Digital allows the intelligent gain control to automatically adjust to fluctuating volume levels or manually lock in a sensitivity level in consistent environments.  Plug-and-play, Mikey Digital simply connects to the iPhone/iPad dock and is instantly recognized. MSRP $99,  Mikey Digital is a 2012 CEA Innovations award winner in portable multimedia accessories.


Blue Spark Digital


Blue Microphones also announces Spark Digital, the first studio-grade mic to offer both iPad and USB connectivity. The combination of Spark Digital’s direct connection to iPad, along with numerous available recording apps such as GarageBand, provides the first mobile studio setup for the iPad platform. In addition, Spark Digital offers USB connectivity, delivering studio-quality audio to any computer, laptop or tablet with USB.

An extension of Blue’s renowned analog Spark microphone, Spark Digital delivers the same detailed and uncolored audio, making it ideal for a wide range of sources from vocals to drums to podcasts.  In addition, Spark Digital features studio capabilities including zero-latency headphone monitoring, fully adjustable gain control, and mute. Like the analog Spark, Spark Digital also features an innovative Focus control offering two sonic signatures from one mic. MSRP $199, Spark Digital is a 2012 CES Innovations award winner in computer peripherals.


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