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Who says you can’t Have It All?

By editorJanuary 22, 2012

Legendary leader in sound enhancement and amp technology, Aphex is rolling out two new products at the NAMM Show in January 2012. Customers have been requesting them, and with an ongoing commitment to “Making Your World Sound Better”, Aphex proudly introduces the EX•BB 500™ & HeadPod4™ to their mix of patented and proven tone-shaping and preamp audio products.

EX•BB 500™: As one of the early innovators of ’500′ style components, Aphex helped initiate the standards for this style of configuration that has revolutionized professional audio. In 2012, Aphex is at it again, launching a complete line of ’500′ products, beginning with a 500 Series version of the legendary Aphex Exciter.

Aphex engineers have designed the EX•BB 500 to provide the exact same performance audio professionals have come to expect from the much-celebrated Aphex Aural Exciter® – improved detail and clarity in the higher frequencies while providing more spaciousness in the overall mix. Adding the sonic depth of the proven Big Bottom®, with its dynamic low frequency punch, improved detail and the much-exalted ‘thickness’, this compact 500 Series product delivers all of the critical performance demanded, while fitting racks from API, Radial, A Designs, Empirical Labs and Tonelux. Providing engineers and artists with ulimited flexibility to add and subtract Exciter channels as needed, this powerful and portable 500 module brings even more Aphex impact to studios and stages…Exactly What 500 Series Users Told Aphex They Wanted!



HeadPod4: It is a whole lot more than a 4 Channel-headphone amplifier. In pre-launch tests, touring musicians and engineers have deemed the HeadPod4 the most potent and dynamic sounding headphone amplifier available in such a compact package. It‘s a known fact that hearing better means improved performance and recordings. Unlike conventional headphone amps, Headpod4 has plenty of headroom to drive any and all brands of professional headphones with dynamic range. HeadPod4 is extremely simple to operate with four individual volume controls for each channel‘s discrete and powerful Aphex amplifier. This means that each person can use their favorite headphones completely independent of the other channels. And, just as important, without having to worry about diminishing the sound quality because of mismatched headphone loads that typically pull down headphone amps employing just one amplifier for all channels.

Headpod 4 provides both digital and analog inputs and the highest quality analog to digital conversion and sound monitoring available today. Until now, this has always been the weakest part of the audio conversion process. Another critical feature: there‘s no unplugging and re-plugging as the HeadPod4 allows users to leave all the inputs right in place and dial in exactly what each one needs. Sonic performance that dramatically improves any headphone experience – from the studio to the stage… Crystal Clear Sound for Each Headphone – Isn’t That What It’s All About?

“Everyone at Aphex is really excited about where we‘re heading. And it gets better! I promised that the best was yet to come…” says APHEX CEO, David Wiener. “But don‘t take our word for it, stop by our NAMM booth (#A-6796) and try the EX•BB 500™ & HeadPod4™ for yourself – we‘ve never sounded so good – and we‘re going to keep rolling out the hits.” To add a bit more fun to the NAMM mix, Aphex has invited a few of their biggest industry fans to stop by, demonstrate new products, hang out and talk music. Wiener adds, “Come see a few of the greats – Alan Parsons, Elan Morrison, Jared Lee Gosselin, James LoMenzo and many more will be making appearances at the Aphex booth # A-6796.”

NAMM JAM Event Sponsors

Aphex is also proud to once again be sponsoring DEAN GUITAR‘s much-acclaimed NAMM JAM – “you can check out the signature Aphex sound built into some of Dean‘s premier guitars ‘in concert’ all night long.” Says Wiener. Included in the lineup are sets from; Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine and Bruce Kulick and other legendary performers.

Aphex – TEC Award Nominee

Aphex‘s CHANNEL master preamp and input processor has been nominated for a TEC Award. “Every single artist and engineer using our new CHANNEL is truly blown away by its tube pre sound coupled with the six other Aphex processing technologies built into this one rack space powerhouse. We‘re excited to win this!” stated the “Excited” David Wiener.



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