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Analogue baby give in to STEMptation!

By editorJanuary 22, 2012

Analogue Baby have decided to upgrade their NEVE 88RS SP2 console with the powerful Stem Mixer option

Studio manager, Greg Burnell says:

“We made a commitment to become a scoring capable facility when we first opted to upgrade our 88RS with the SP2 centre section. After a discussion with top film scoring engineer, Geoff Foster, I decided to approach AMS-Neve about the possibility of a further Stem Mixer upgrade. Geoff informed me that although not an absolute necessity for scoring, the Stem Mixer has some great features that aid workflow, recall, and make mixing large projects a lot easier. In my opinion, the six additional surround busses, small fader to stem busses and routing capability that the Stem Mixer gives are a must-have for large film and game scoring projects.”

Owner, Andy Bramhall adds:

“Being the second studio in the UK to have a Stem Mixer equipped 88RS puts us in the premier league of facilities. I wanted clients to know that there are no compromises at Analogue Baby and that we can work seamlessly on projects with other Stem Mixer equipped studios. There are no work-arounds needed, you can just get on with your project in a great mix environment.”

The Stem Mixer adds a further 36 busses, split into six manageable stem groups A through to F, these can be fed from the large and small fader paths simultaneously. Routing is controlled from a central routing panel, the output busses can be metered and cut individually. Screens provide the operator with complete status of console wide routing by channel or Stem.   

Analogue Baby are taking delivery of their desk in early March and have their first booking confirmed in May.




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