Review of the Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller

April 16, 2016

Accurate monitoring in the studio is at the heart of producing high quality mixes. Our editor puts the Drawmer MC2.1 monitor controller through its paces ...
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Quad 405 Stereo Monitor Amplifier

July 19, 2014

Our editor reviews one of the classic hi-fi monitor amps of all time. The QUAD 405 was designed in the mid '70's by audio designer Peter J. Walker whose QUAD manufacturing company was renowned for its innovative amplifier and loudspeaker designs.
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PMC DB1+ Passive Monitor Speakers

September 1, 2012

I bought my PMC DB1+ speakers to use as nearfields in my own design lab.  So not only do I listen to a wide range of recorded material through these speakers but I also get to evaluate a wide range of audio hardware through them, so these speakers have been extensively trialled for nearfield...
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Rock Steady! Unity Audio on designing brutally honest loudspeakers

June 1, 2012

Kevin Walker of Unity Audio and designer Kevin van Green describe how they got into designing one the the most iconic of the 'new age' loudpspeaker monitors, 'The Rock', and along the way teach us a thing or two about the essential elements of high quality loudspeaker design.
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