DAW Workshops

In search of loudness

March 15, 2015

An in depth look at using DAW software Peak Limiters to achieve higher audio levels from your audio tracks without sacrificing the dynamics within your mix. Can you get something for nothing? Let's see ...
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Sound Design Tips

June 27, 2013
3 IL Harmor

Our very own Nick Lucas gives a run down on today's most popular techniques for sound design and synthesis, including six of his own favourite tools.
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Using the Pro Tools Workspace

March 30, 2013

When working on projects requiring heavy use of samples, we all need a way to find & trial samples before bringing them into our projects. On a Mac you can always fall back on Finder, but on a PC Windows Explorer doesn't offer the same easy preview functions. In both cases however, Pro...
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Using Pro Tools 10′s AudioSuite

March 3, 2013

With modern computers, we're almost all used to putting processing plugins onto our audio as a mixer insert; without our computer starting to struggle. However some types of processing can't be pulled off live. This is where Pro Tools' 'AudioSuite' system comes in. AudioSuite allows you to commit a plugins effect...
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Using Video with Pro Tools

February 3, 2013

Working with video is one of Pro Tools' most popular uses, with much of the film/broadcast industry working on the audio for video inside the platform. However there are some quirks to get used to, and some good tips for first time users. Which is this months subject!
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Shrinking your Pro Tools projects

January 3, 2013

So you've just finished recording a song in Pro Tools and want to send the project to your collaborator over the web for them to add their 2 cents. But somehow the project is 1.3 Giga-Bytes large and too big to upload to your favourite file sharing service! Luckily Pro Tools has functions built...
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Track Types & Routing in ProTools

November 4, 2012

The Mixer comes pretty naturally to most of us, but for the beginner Pro Tools user, it can be tricky to get their head around due to its many quirks. Nick Lucas covers the types of tracks available in the Pro Tools mixer, and an example of how to use the most common...
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