AC-7 Core iPAD remote control app for DAWs

April 30, 2012


So once I had mastered remote control of my music collection (stored on my main PC) via iPAD’s ‘Remote’ app, I began to look for a way to control my Sonar DAW software via my iPAD.  A quick search through the Apple App Store found me at the front door of an app by Saitara Software call AC-7 Core.  It was so inexpensive that minutes later I had purchase the app and was busy getting it working.

rtpMIDI Wi-Fi MIDI interface

First I had to install a free utility called rtpMIDI on my PC (not required if using AC-& Core with a Mac). This provides a virtual wireless capable MIDI port between the iPAD and your PC.

Then I opened an existing Sonar session and created of Mackie Control – 1 which is hardware controller that AC-7 emulates for Sonar.

I opened the app on my iPad, hit the reset button and expected faders to start whizzing around …but nothing happened and I had a brief panic that either I’d bought a pup or I was missing the blindingly obvious! Then I thought to read the helpful guidance on the Saitara website and a reset of my iPad and restarting the App caused wonderful things happen.

There I was staring at eight virtual faders with the correct track names. I clicked Play and became even more excited when audio stated emitting from my monitor loudspeakers and the fact that I was controlling Sonar from an iPAD sitting inches away from my PC really didn’t matter at all!

There was even a choice of two colour schemes (choose the dark one, it is very cool!)

The hard part was figured out how to do more than make the faders go up and down. Never having actually owned a Mackie Control didn’t exactly help but some time later I had most of the main functions figured out.

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